~ Classic Bronze Dentures ~     
Our Most Cost-Effective Line of Dentures   

In Addition to our Popular Gold and Silver Packages,
We Offer a More Economical Line of Dentures.
Patients Choosing our Classic Bronze Package will Receive the Same Individualized Care to Ensure the Most Accurate and Comfortable Fit Possible, but Without the Additional Expense of Premium Materials and Extended Warranties.  

These dentures are often used as a "Transitional" denture for patients choosing to have their new dentures inserted on the   same day of their extractions. By doing so, patients can use this inexpensive option to provide aesthetics and function while experiencing the gingival resorption of the extraction sites .

These Classic Dentures are Ideal for Patients on a Limited Budget
and are Covered by a Full 1-Year Warranty on the Integrity of the Bond between the Denture Teeth & Acrylic Base

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