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CareCredit is Accepted at Classic Dentures of Maine

Pay for Dental Expenses Not Covered by Insurance

CareCredit is accepted at Classic Dentures of Maine. We feature this way of paying for dental expenses not covered by insurance. Use your Care Credit account to cover your deductible or procedures as a way to afford the dental treatments you need.

For more information, visit CareCredit online. You can also call Classic Dentures of Maine today at (207) 942-1743 for more how to pay for dentures. We always accept patient calls and make appointments without referrals. Our hours are by appointment only.

Healthcare Financing and Medical Credit Card through CareCredit

Classic Dentures of Maine is proud to work with CareCredit and other credit card providers. We understand that denture services can be out of reach for many budgets. Yet, denture appliances remain a health necessity for many people to enjoy life.

Classic Dentures of Maine would like all of our patients to truly enjoy their smile. Our staff works with patients to help with denture financing and affordable payments. CareCredit is a financing partner that understands how difficult it can be to pay for dentures. Their dental and healthcare financing helps many in Maine to afford medically necessary treatments and services.

Help Beyond Insurance with CareCredit Financing

While insurance can pay for many health-related procedures, there can often be limitations. Insurance plans may have costly deductibles. Certain items or services may be out-of-network or beyond what an insurance plan would reimburse.

CareCredit financing offers help beyond what insurance may cover. Obtaining this additional help can bring greater peace of mind to many people. And if you need additional help beyond insurance to pay for denture services, just let us know. We also offer payment plans to help make denture services affordable.

CareCredit is accepted at Classic Dentures of Maine.