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Full Dentures from Classic Dentures of Maine

Our Packages for Full Dentures are Available and Affordable

Full dentures from Classic Dentures of Maine include a variety of affordable package to make quality available. For denture wearers, quality is essential to enjoying dentures every day. When dentures look and feel great, it shows.

Classic Dentures of Maine makes obtaining full dentures available and affordable for our customers. We accept appointments without referrals and hours are by appointment only. Call us at (207) 942-1743 to schedule your appointment today. Choose from among these full denture packages:

We Offer An Express Denture That Is Made In 24 Hours Start To Finish


Classic Diamond Dentures Available

We create our Classic Diamond Dentures from a superior line of teeth. Ceraform Porcelain teeth have been developed to meet the demanding needs of the American and European dental communities. Ceraform Porcelain teeth meet the highest requirements of strength, grindability, anatomical form, shade, and natural characterization.

Classic Diamond Dentures are professionally manufactured, vacuum fired, and individually inspected to meet aesthetic and quality standards. Speak with our staff today about what goes into making Classic Diamond Dentures such a well-appointed denture option.

Precision Gold Dentures Will Give You a Good Reason to Smile

Classic Dentures of Maine creates our Gold Package Dentures with the finest precision techniques and denture materials available today. Our careful artistic craftsmanship provides a detailed recreation of your palatal anatomy for high-quality esthetics. Refinements like meticulous festooning and stippling of the gingival areas offer realistic muscle tone. This allows these Classic Dentures to virtually disappear in your mouth.

We craft our Gold Package Dentures with precision and care using Ivoclar Vivadent BlueLine denture teeth. These premium quality teeth have many superior qualities. These include wear and plaque resistance, shade permanence, and tissue compatibility. Our Gold Package Dentures are heat and pressure cured for improved strength, color, and stability with Diamond D high-impact acrylic.

Our Gold Package Dentures have a Full 5-year Warranty*

Area Residents Ask About Sterling Silver Dentures

Another popular denture for area residents is our Sterling Silver dentures. Our Silver Package Dentures incorporate superior precision with high quality denture materials. Careful artistic craftsmanship provides a detailed recreation of the palatal anatomy with realistic muscle tone.

As with our Gold dentures, meticulous festooning and stippling of the gingival margins brings high-quality esthetics. This allows the Silver Package Dentures to virtually disappear in the mouth. We offer Candulor Preference teeth in our Silver Package. “The name Candulor stands for the masterly combination of quality and function.”

Our Sterling Silver Dentures are cost-effective and carry a three-year warranty.*

Classic Bronze Dentures Are Our Most Cost-Effective Line

In addition to our popular Gold and Silver denture packages, we offer an even more economical line of dentures. Patients choosing our Classic Bronze Package receive the same individualized care. This provides the most accurate and comfortable fit possible, without the added expense of premium materials and extended warranties.

Patients use Classic Bronze Dentures as a ‘transitional’ denture to insert new dentures on the same day as teeth extraction. Our most cost-effective denture line provides aesthetics and function while experiencing the gingival resorption of the extraction sites. Classic Bronze Dentures are ideal for patients on a limited budget.

Classic Bronze Dentures have a full one-year warranty on the bond between the denture teeth and acrylic base.*

Create Dentures to Your Personal Satisfaction

Classic Dentures of Maine can make your dentures, to your satisfaction, quickly and efficiently. We involve patients in the entire process of creating their new smile, including the selection of new teeth. Our denturist listens to your specific desires and then guides you through our easy, three-step process:




Classic Dentures of Maine is with you every step of the way. We provide dentures that meet your individual needs and comfort, so you can truly enjoy your beautiful smile.

Partial Dentures and Lab Services Available at Classic Dentures of Maine

In addition to our full denture packages, partials, lab services, and repairs are available at Classic Dentures of Maine. We offer denture care products, and accept CareCredit, most insurances, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. See what your friends and neighbors have to say about our quality services. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Full Dentures from Classic Dentures of Maine