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Dependable Denture Repairs

Count on Classic Dentures of Maine for Quality Denture Repair

Classic Dentures of Maine has offered dependable denture repairs since 2009. We also offer a relaxing environment at each appointment where we can listen and understand each patient’s particular needs. Our staff believes in old-fashioned customer service, and we strive to offer this to every person at every appointment.

We always accept patient calls and make appointments without referrals. Call Classic Dentures of Maine today at (207) 942-1743 for the most durable denture repairs available. Our hours are by appointment only.


Durable Denture Repairs in the Region

We take great pride in giving every patient the most durable denture repair service in the region. Through the use of cutting-edge dental technology, our denturist can complete denture repairs here, in our own dental laboratory.

We can complete most simple repairs in one hour.

We can complete complex repairs in the same day.

When you need denture repair, it is usually important to get the repair done quickly. Classic Dentures of Maine provides the most durable denture repair service and we hope you agree. Read on to find out more details about our quality denture repairs done right in our lab.

Trustworthy Denture Repairs and Adjustments, Every Time

Why would you trust your denture repairs to just anyone? Trust Classic Dentures of Maine when you want an expert offering meticulous workmanship. You want someone who cares about you and your unique situation. This is why you can turn to Classic Dentures of Maine to perform your denture repairs and adjustments. We use our modern dental technology combined with precise attention to detail to fix your dentures or partial dentures as good as new, fitting comfortably and looking great. You can safely place your trust in our staff.

Trust Us for Great Denture Relines and Rebases

Dentures are such a personal part of who you are that we trust you to tell us how they feel. When your denture appliance no longer feels or performs as it should, visit Classic Dentures of Maine. We use modern dental technology to provide our patients with superior denture relines and rebases. Our staff always combines cutting-edge, precision workmanship with traditional, courteous customer service. Find satisfaction with your denture reline or rebase experience, and you do not need a referral before your visit. Call us today for experienced reline and rebase services. Classic Dentures of Maine hours are by appointment only.

Superior Denture Relines and Rebases

Our staff understands that when our patients need a reline or rebase, it is major work on their dentures. But as your dentures age, they will break down from constant use, and your mouth changes, too. Changes in your mouth and dental tissue, as well as weight loss, oral hygiene, and other factors, will cause your dentures or partial dentures to not fit right.

We will discuss your particular problem and situation with you to determine the proper course of action. Our staff offers superior denture services. Get superior results when you trust your dentures and partial dentures to Classic Dentures of Maine.

Great Denture Care in a Relaxed Environment

When you trust us for your denture care, we do not just stop at expert service, modern dental technology, and courteous care. We also offer you comfort, privacy, and a relaxing environment far away from hectic waiting rooms and rushed visits. Visit us for dentures and partials that are affordable with CareCredit and more.

We offer quality denture care products and schedule our appointments for one hour so that you receive our full attentiveness. Our patients say, “Why settle for less than the best?” Contact Classic Dentures of Maine today.

Classic Dentures of Maine offers dependable denture repairs.