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Partial Dentures from Classic Dentures of Maine

Choose From Three Types of Partial Dentures at Classic Dentures of Maine

Partial dentures from Classic Dentures of Maine can offer variety and greater comfort to wearers. We make obtaining partial dentures available and affordable. With hours by appointment only, we accept appointments without referrals. Call us at (207) 942-1743 to schedule your dedicated appointment today.

Classic Dentures offers three types of partial dentures for our patients to choose from:

Acrylic with Metal Clasps

Cast Metal Frames and Acrylic Base

Flexible Nylon Base


Traditional Options for Partial Dentures: Acrylic and Cast Metal Frame

You may recognize acrylic and metal frame partials as more traditional in nature. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider for each of these dental appliances. We have many models for you to examine carefully before deciding which type is best for you.

Flexible Nylon Base Partials Offer a Higher Standard of Performance

Keep in mind that flexible removable partial dentures are both a functional and aesthetic upgrade over cast metal. Classic Dentures can provide a higher standard of performance by utilizing this flexible material. We use it to replace the metal base and retentive arms found in most old-style metal partials.

The flexibility of the nylon material balances the stress load over the entire supporting ridge. Compared to metal partials, this reduces the stress on your natural teeth. Our patients report wearing a more comfortable, stronger, better-looking, and more functional appliance. They also love the metal-free, natural appearance which is virtually invisible in your mouth.

So to recap some of the advantages of Flexible Partial Dentures:

  • Soft and Comfortable 
  • 100% Flexible 
  • No Costly Tissue or Tooth Preparation
  • Superior Esthetics
  • No Metallic Taste 
  •  Minimum Tissue Irritation
  • Cost Effective 
  • Biocompatible
  • Will Not Stain or Absorb Odor 
  • Lifetime Guarantee

These are “flexible partials”. Light weight, and unbreakable. No bulky metal frames like in the past. These modern dental appliances virtually disappear in your mouth. Making them an extremely attractive option for your next partial denture.

The Smart Choice for Dentures

When people need full dentures or partial dentures, they want to be sure. First impressions are important, and many people get their first impressions face-to-face. Since 2009, Classic Dentures of Maine has helped our patients be sure and satisfied. We take the time to understand every patient’s needs completely. Classic Dentures of Maine is the smart choice for denture services.

You Can Trust All of Our Denture Services and Repairs

At Classic Dentures of Maine, we never leave you without assistance after our lab crafts your dentures or partial dentures. We also offer outstanding denture repair and denture reline and rebase services to make certain you continue to have the best experience with your dentures. Trust our expert staff for:

  • New Denture and Partial Denture Fabrication
  • Private Consultations
  • Limited Oral Exams
  • Individualized, Precise Treatment Plans
  • Same-Day Denture Repairs and Adjustments
  • Denture Relines and Rebases
  • Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning and Identification Service
  • High-Quality Denture Care Products

Classic Dentures of Maine Offers Products and Much More

In addition to our full and partial dentures, lab services, and repairs, Classic Dentures of Maine offers denture care products. We accept CareCredit, most insurances, and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Read what neighbors across Maine have to say about our quality services, then call today to schedule your appointment.

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